Wednesday, December 31, 2008

thank god I'm a country boy...

Among Tyson's presents were a great set of overalls from his uncle Darel and his girlfriend Cassie. They also included a John Deere shirt that is adorable as well. As you can see, Tyson is feeling quite handsome in his little outfit.
There is something so darn cute about a little boy in overalls.
I thought they might be too big because they are a 1T but they fit like a glove! Glad I didn't wait to try them on. 

On another note, Tyson apparently is not color blind because he seems to only eat foods that are orange (squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, carrots, etc) and hates everything else. Now I can hardly blame the guy for not enjoying the particularly pungent pureed beef (shudder) but a green bean or two wouldn't hurt. We are also amazed at the amount of food he seems to be putting away lately. He had been only getting up for one feeding at night but now has added another. I'm starting to think I will be waking up to fix him a midnight snack when he's in kindergarten. Will he ever sleep through the night?...or nap for that matter? I've realized that naps are just as important for the momma as they are for the baby and we have yet to master them. Oh well. 

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