Thursday, June 25, 2009

baby Fen Shui

As was expected, with Tyson's newly found mobility comes new interests. His latest? Rearranging anything he has the strength to move. Apparently he has decided that his high chair would better be suited either in the living room or facing a corner (maybe he's planning to be punished for some sort of mischief)....oh and the shoe? Some days it appears as though he is channeling his inner puppy. Teething rings got nothin' on soft soled shoes.
I swear my house was clean once. These days it appears as though a tornado has ripped through my house leaving a path of destruction in it's wake. 
That tornado's name is Tyson. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what's with the old lady?

So last weekend I was in my friend Katie's wedding and it was a blast. I have very few pictures from the weekend as it was a whirlwind but I do have pictures from her bachelorette party that was also fun. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago in Wisconsin Dells. Of course we had to start the night out dressing up like floozies and having our picture taken. 
Then we changed into our shirts so artfully crafted by Katie's sister Erin and played some games (which were not very PG so I will refrain from posting). I will include two words as a hint...Lorena Bobbit.  
Katie was an excellent sport about everything. 
Then we headed out for a  night on the town. I was truly looking forward to a weekend where I could really let my hair down. I very quickly realized how much my life had changed. Suddenly I went from being the girl they had to drag off the dance floor to the one who was throwing around phrases like "it's so loud in here I can't have a conversation!" or "the music in my day was so much easier to dance to." I even chose function over fashion when I left my heels at home and opted for a pair of jeans and comfy sandals. All in all it was a great time with the girls but I found that I am just as happy in sweatpants watching Law and Order reruns. Oy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He yells...

So I am going to go ahead and join the "My kid is a genius club" that every mother stumbles into at one point during parenthood. Tyson recently figured out that our baby monitors light up when detecting sound. A few weeks ago we found him literally yelling at the monitor while watching the lights go crazy so we had to get it on film. I realize that this is basic cause and effect and does not qualify as rocket science. However, if you let me have my moment I promise to oooh and ahh in all the right places the next time you tell me the story about how your child understood quantum physics in Kindergarten along with the reasons why he/she didn't go straight to Yale but instead decided to give first grade a try. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obligatory pictures.

So of course I had to post some pictures of my little one eating cake for the first time. Since our families live so far away, we really didn't do much for his birthday but we did of course let him tear into some presents and then tear into a cupcake. 
At first he honestly wanted nothing to do with the cupcake but once I got some frosting on his lips, it was game on. He began shoveling it in so fast, I became mildly concerned that he was forgetting to breathe in all his excitement. 
I did not clean his tray for this picture, he literally licked the darn thing clean. 
Since he really didn't make too big of a mess (because he wasn't willing to waste any yumminess) Jason decided to pitch in. In case anyone was wondering, frosting makes a great hair product for fauxhawks. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy birthday little one.

A year ago (yesterday) on June 3rd, 2008 I was giving birth to my son. It has been one crazy year. 
It has been filled with a lot of proud moments...
and many moments wondering what we were doing.
A lot of tears were shed (and not all of them were Tyson's)
A lot of posing for pictures...
many (MANY) sleepless nights. (Good news though, it only took him 10 months to sleep through the night). 

A lot of hard work
and a lot of discoveries.
many embarrassing moments. 
and an immense amount of joy. 
Happy Birthday little man!!! 
May the next year be even more fun and exciting. 
(believe it or not, this is his excited face. Apparently I used to make a similar facial creation when I was his age...of all the things I could have passed on).