Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rubber ducky, you're the one...

Our bath time routine goes a little something like this...
Step 1. Line up all toys very precisely on the tub ledge so as to have an audience.
Step 2. Examine all body parts to make sure everything remains intact. Also, scrub belly button with toothbrush. Or face. Or toes. Basically, scrub everything but your teeth.
Step 3. Throw a fit when getting hair/body washed. (I refrained from taking pictures at this point so I could concentrate on the slippery toddler)
Step 4. Watch every last drop go down the drain because you are told you have to get out once the water was gone.
Step 5. Look really adorable.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Take that Martha

Though we got a fantastic deal on these barstools, I've never really liked them. I didn't really want to fork over the cash for new ones so I thought "what would Martha Stewart do? She would refinish them!" (Okay, I can't back that last statement up. I never ask what Martha would do...purely for the fact that the answer would probably be way out of my league and therefor depressing).
So first we took the barstools apart so we could recover the top with this great fabric I found ON SALE! Luckily my sister Jo was around for this part as I shouldn't be allowed to attempt my first try with a staple gun by myself.

Then I painted the legs to better match the top...
and voila! They still could use another coat of paint but honestly, isn't this way better than before? I think the most impressive part of this is the fact that I actually completed a home project. Never in my life have I cared about craft stores or home improvement stores with any kind of enthusiasm. Now I drive a minivan and get excited when my JoAnn's coupons come in the mail. I think motherhood is turning me into a sissy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


On of our newest favorite activities is drawing with washable markers. So many times throughout the day I feel a little tug on my pants accompanied by a "play mawkers mawkers mama! over and over, each time getting exponentially louder. Usually I am happy to appease him because 1-it is something that keeps him occupied and happy and 2-it gives me a chance to do whatever I need to do in the kitchen (the kitchen or dining room is the official land of the markers because of all of the wipeable surfaces). So he draws away and I get to cook dinner: win win.
We are however, having some trouble getting him to limit his drawing to paper and not the table, walls, his clothes...
...or his face. Anyone know if washable markers are toxic to those who ingest them?