Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A new kind of insanity

Our version of Valentine's day is probably a bit different than most (I realize it's not even close to February anymore...stick with me, it gets better). Instead of mushy cards or flowers and candy we decided to get the Insanity workout. So this workout arrived in the mail and we both excitedly geared up for our first session...
and promptly got our asses kicked. Holy hell this workout is...well, INSANE! Jason has been a very good little physical therapist and exercises religiously. I lasted approximately 1.5 weeks.

And then this happened. Instead of working my butt off in hopes of that six pack I parked it on the recliner and opened up a bag of chips. Yes, I realize that I should be exercising during pregnancy but my MD specifically said low impact...and what has less impact than my recliner? Nothing.

So here's the run down of the first 12 weeks...
My due date is October 22nd. The buttons on my pants are hanging on by a thread and tomatoes are a sure fire way to make me vomit. It's been a bit of a rough road as I am much more sick this time around (or am really getting good at blocking things out) but we are thrilled.
Here's to a whole other kind of insanity.