Wednesday, March 25, 2009

girls weekend...

So last weekend I met my 3 sisters and mom in Minneapolis for our annual girls weekend. I dutifully brought my camera so I could show off the latest images of Tyson but forgot to take any pictures of I added this picture of him waving goodbye to mommy. 
Okay, so he was not really waving goodbye. He was probably getting ready to lunge in my direction so he could use me for added support. He does very well walking behind his little scooter (though it's slightly wobbly), but he tends to get nervous once he realizes he isn't standing next to some kind of furniture. 
I kind of forgot how much he has developed recently until I ran into an old friend with a new babygirl. She just slept in her carseat like a great little newborn...and I spent the entire conversation baby wrangling. Tyson is a man on the move.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

whose bald?

We are constantly getting comments on Tyson's lack of hair. An elderly man in the lobby of our doctors office called him my "cute little Kojack (sp?) baby" for example. Honestly, people just need to look a little closer. 
He's got enough hair for a mohawk...
Or a ponytail...anyone know if rat tails are coming back in style anytime soon? Cuz we've got that going for us:)
Whose bald? Not this baby!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

growing into it

We decided to start gearing up for summer a little early and bought Tyson a bike helmet so he would be ready when we could take our bikes out. Ordering the right size was a bit of a question mark as last months growth chart didn't even go high enough for his big noodle. Luckily it fit.
Though getting him to keep it on will be another challenge I'm sure.

On another note, we recently had our 9 month check-up (which is complete craziness to me) and things went well. Tyson is now in the 75% for height and weight and 95% for his head. We were ecstatic that he is back on the charts for head growth. Now we would no longer have to field the phone calls from the pediatrician telling us "not to worry, it usually just means that one or both parents also have a large head." Thanks Dr. Gianvecchio. 
His other accomplishments include a few interesting modes of mobility and beginning to (finally) try some grown up foods. He is still very tentative about trying new textures so this process will take awhile.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

new pics:)

A friend of mine (who I happen to work with as well) has a boyfriend who is starting a photography business. They asked if he could photograph Tyson to expand his portfolio. I was all about a free photo shoot...and they turned out fantastic. Here's a few samples. 

Jason and I always argue about whether Tyson's eyes are blue or brown...turns out we are both right. They seem to be a sort of odd combo of the two. I love em'
Tyson's "Fargo" hat...which he has since outgrown.

This one's my favorite.
Which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So perhaps you notice a theme turning up in a few of Tyson's pictures. Here's a has something to do with green and yellow.
Before anyone says anything...we did NOT turn into Packer fans. I still want to be allowed into family reunions back in MN and I think this would get me blacklisted.
Nope, Tyson had found a love of John Deere...well perhaps we helped things along a little. We did receive a lot of John Deere toys and clothes for presents so his taste might have a little something to do with exposure. 
Either way, he's happy so we're happy. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The neb.

Last week we headed back to the doctor (once again) because Tyson was just very inconsolable and wheezy and appeared to be in pain constantly. Of course, he was diagnosed with yet another ear infection (I'm starting to think that teeth = ear infections) and a case of bronchiolitis. So now in addition to the usual antibiotics wrestling match, we have to give Tyson neb treatments a few times a day. Surprisingly he does pretty well. Luckily since he is teething, he just chews on the end the whole time. 
Though it doesn't look very happy in this picture, he's actually been so much fun lately. Turns out that when he's not suffering from searing ear pain, he's a hoot. Crawling all over (I use that term loosely. I'm actually not sure what I would call his mode of transportation as he looks like he's trying to do the worm) and becoming super verbal. I wake up every morning to him 'talking' to himself. It's hilarious.