Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Recently, Tyson and I had a playdate with my friend Megan and her daughter Elsie. This time Megan brought her new fancypants camera along so she could capture some images of our activities...
throwing up the deuces to passers by...

Telling some jokes...which he found hilarious!

Playing super baby...(while silently realizing that Tyson has grown out of those overalls)

And checked out the local beauties..."hey pretty lady, you like my ride?"

All in all, it was a pretty good day.
How could I resist putting a picture of Megan's adorable daughter Elsie on here?
She is absolutely the most delightful child...very mild...very different from my little man.
Thanks for the pictures and the company Megan and Elsie!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


So far introducing solid foods have been quite a ride. Some days he snarfs it right down...yesterday Jason was home with him because it was my weekend to work and after a couple of bites apparently the little man sucked in his bottom lip and would not let anything inside.
Fort Knox ain't got nothin' on Tyson.

He also has been making these hilarious movements flailing his arms and legs in attempt to move while on his stomach but he hasn't quite figured out how to pick up his rotund belly yet. I'm definitely okay with having an imobile child for awhile longer....I'm not ready to be chasing all day.

Though I did attempt to motivate by putting a toy just out of reach.

He is chewing on everything...and drooling everywhere but so far no teeth poking through.

oh yeah...and it's getting cold here. The other day I was looking for mittens and since most mittens come in a set with a hat we were trying some on for size. It turns out that Tyson must have a large head because we had to go up quite a few sizes just to fit his noodle. I sure hope the rest of him eventually catches up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

time to play!

Well, here we are once again playing super baby. He really loves this game. It's a trick to use if he's really crabby because it almost always cheers him up.

Here's the unfortunate consequences to playing that game...however, I will admit that a little drool on my shirt is a heckuva lot better than spit up on in my face.

This is the look I get when I tell him that playtime is over and naptime has begun.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To market to market

On saturday, we headed to Madison to enjoy the local farmers market. Every saturday the entire perimeter around the capitol building becomes crowded with local vendors selling produce and other yummy things. It is quite an event. It seems anyone can participate whether you're looking to sell your items or spread the word about your own ideals.
All around the capitol there are stands selling some fantastic produce and homemade baked goods. However, it also seems to be an outlet for the local artists. We couldn't go ten feet without a musical encounter. There was all kinds of music that everyone could enjoy no matter your taste.

Are you trying to find a place where you can hear a guitar and a kazoo???

or a base and a washboard?

...or perhaps Santa Clause playing the piccolo (who knew even Santa enjoys Crocs).

and of course we can't forget about the solo artists. (upon posting this picture, I noticed the lady in the background with the fantastic fanny-pack...I wonder if she would let me borrow that for my next trip to Disney?)

In addition to all of the produce and entertainment, there was also a vast array of products you could purchase. If anyone needs anything tie-dyed...I think I could hook you up.

Of course there were many enthusiastic voters hawking all kinds of political buttons. Buttons are great but tell me sir, where can I buy that hat?

After we walked around the market for awhile, we headed to the Great Dane (a great local restaurant) for some lunch.

Tyson seemed very interested in Jason's beer...uh oh. All in all it was a great day.

Friday, October 17, 2008

shopping day...

My good friends Katie and Keith recently got engaged (congrats!) so of course Katie wanted to start the wedding dress hunt. I really wanted to participate so I lugged Tyson along to help.
Tyson was very good at giving his objective opinion of each dress (the salon had rules against taking pictures of Katie in the dress so this was the next best thing). With his help, Katie found the perfect one.

This was Tyson's reaction when he found out the price.... many new toys could I get for that amount???

Friday, October 10, 2008

what a feast!

Well, we started some rice cereal. Even the ladies at daycare said that it was time for more food because he was wanting to eat around the clock.
It didn't go too well at first.

Everything seemed to come right back out.

It's slowly getting better (meaning he's actually swallowing...though it's usually somewhat accidental).

This is his usual "cereal face"

I hope this boy hits a growth spurt soon...he can barely see his feet.

the doctor is in...

Well, last week we had to take Tyson to his 4 month appointment which of course included his vaccines. I was dreading this as he was so crabby and hard to deal with for days after the last appointment. This one went a little better...but neither one of us is a fan of him getting shots.
I was trying to get a shot of his bugs bunny band aids...but it's also a great illustration of just how much weight this kid has packed on. Look at those thunder thighs!
He is now over 2 feet tall (he was pretty squirmy so the exact number is hard to pinpoint) and weighs a wopping 16 pounds 9 oz. He's wearing 6 month clothes already and we got the go ahead to start feeding him cereal...thank goodness for that cuz he is really hard to fill up these days!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

slippery when wet...

Well, as some may remember from previous posts, Tyson used to absolutely HATE his baths...although looking back, he hated a lot of things back then. In his defense he wasn't getting enough to eat so I probably would have been crabby also. Anyway, now he really enjoys the water. He's figured out that his kicking= splash=mom gets wet. It's actually hilarious to watch so I thought we would have a photo shoot today. I thought it was pretty neat the the rubber ducky is cleverly covering his bits and pieces...we didn't even do that on purpose.
I honestly was just trying to capture one of his big grins...but the instant the flash would go off he would immediately change his expressions...which made for some interesting pictures.

who me???

wimpy smile...

It seems we've graduated from just bathing for hygiene and now it's a fun activity. I am grateful as I quickly run out of things to keep this little man occupied...and happy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

winter's a-comin'

So I was out running some errands one day and came across this winter hat. Now, since we did come from Fargo and all, I figured we would jump right into the stereotype. Plus, it's a really warm hat. Now if only I could find a plaid Paul Bunyon type coat, I would be set.
When I first tried the hat on he was just confused....

Then I think he was trying to figure out his motor skills enough to flip me off. Luckily he's too young to have any say in how I dress him....and I plan to take full advantage of that.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Chair

Well, we recently purchased a high chair because it's soon time to start introducing solids. I figured I would let him play in it once or twice so he's not completely freaked out when we begin feeding him cereal....he gets overwhelmed pretty easily so I am doing my best to make the transition as smooth as possible.
He started out the process with the typical chewing on his hand...

then moved on to a teething ring...

his rattle

I even gave him a spoon to play with. He wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first.

But he quickly figured it out. Maybe he's really ready for some solid foods...

...or maybe not.