Sunday, October 26, 2008


So far introducing solid foods have been quite a ride. Some days he snarfs it right down...yesterday Jason was home with him because it was my weekend to work and after a couple of bites apparently the little man sucked in his bottom lip and would not let anything inside.
Fort Knox ain't got nothin' on Tyson.

He also has been making these hilarious movements flailing his arms and legs in attempt to move while on his stomach but he hasn't quite figured out how to pick up his rotund belly yet. I'm definitely okay with having an imobile child for awhile longer....I'm not ready to be chasing all day.

Though I did attempt to motivate by putting a toy just out of reach.

He is chewing on everything...and drooling everywhere but so far no teeth poking through.

oh yeah...and it's getting cold here. The other day I was looking for mittens and since most mittens come in a set with a hat we were trying some on for size. It turns out that Tyson must have a large head because we had to go up quite a few sizes just to fit his noodle. I sure hope the rest of him eventually catches up.

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