Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My dentist gives me presents...

So I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned the other day. Last time I was in there, I was very noticeably pregnant so of course they asked the obligatory "how's the baby?" type questions. After listening to my very generic answers ("he's good...fussy but good"), the hygenist snuck out to the lobby for some covert operations. When I was finished with my appointment, there was a gift waiting for me at the desk! A bag full of goodies, including the tooth fairy bear, the coffee mug (so can I blame my coffee habit on the dentist?), baby's first toothbrush and a bib sporting the dentist office logo...I'm not kidding. I tried to get a good pic of everything but the bib got covered up. Oh well...the rest is showing. I think I will be mailing this picture to the dentist with the thank-you. Maybe he will become their mascot...though they might wait until he actually has teeth.
"Peace" Mr. Dentist. Thanks for the presents.

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Jo said...

What a tough call. You really could use either photo. In the first, he looks so grateful but in the second he is sending peace (also a nice gesture