Sunday, October 19, 2008

To market to market

On saturday, we headed to Madison to enjoy the local farmers market. Every saturday the entire perimeter around the capitol building becomes crowded with local vendors selling produce and other yummy things. It is quite an event. It seems anyone can participate whether you're looking to sell your items or spread the word about your own ideals.
All around the capitol there are stands selling some fantastic produce and homemade baked goods. However, it also seems to be an outlet for the local artists. We couldn't go ten feet without a musical encounter. There was all kinds of music that everyone could enjoy no matter your taste.

Are you trying to find a place where you can hear a guitar and a kazoo???

or a base and a washboard?

...or perhaps Santa Clause playing the piccolo (who knew even Santa enjoys Crocs).

and of course we can't forget about the solo artists. (upon posting this picture, I noticed the lady in the background with the fantastic fanny-pack...I wonder if she would let me borrow that for my next trip to Disney?)

In addition to all of the produce and entertainment, there was also a vast array of products you could purchase. If anyone needs anything tie-dyed...I think I could hook you up.

Of course there were many enthusiastic voters hawking all kinds of political buttons. Buttons are great but tell me sir, where can I buy that hat?

After we walked around the market for awhile, we headed to the Great Dane (a great local restaurant) for some lunch.

Tyson seemed very interested in Jason's beer...uh oh. All in all it was a great day.

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