Friday, October 10, 2008

the doctor is in...

Well, last week we had to take Tyson to his 4 month appointment which of course included his vaccines. I was dreading this as he was so crabby and hard to deal with for days after the last appointment. This one went a little better...but neither one of us is a fan of him getting shots.
I was trying to get a shot of his bugs bunny band aids...but it's also a great illustration of just how much weight this kid has packed on. Look at those thunder thighs!
He is now over 2 feet tall (he was pretty squirmy so the exact number is hard to pinpoint) and weighs a wopping 16 pounds 9 oz. He's wearing 6 month clothes already and we got the go ahead to start feeding him cereal...thank goodness for that cuz he is really hard to fill up these days!

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The Beglins said...

He weighs as much as Elsie! Chunky Monkey! Bring on the cereal!