Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No resolutions...

Well even though New Years has come and gone, I figured I'd tackle to topic of resolutions. Since I'm pretty far behind time wise, I thought it would still be appropriate. Ironically, my list does not include procrastinating less. Maybe next year.
Typically I don't like resolutions. I think it's like opening a big door to let Disappointment and her friend Failure dance right on in. And kick you in the shins. Bitches.
I'm much more of a list maker so I usually make a yearly to-do list of the big accomplishments I want to make. And when I say big accomplishments it's usually referring to cleaning the basement or hemming my jeans. World peace will be a lot easier to tackle if I'm not tripping all over my pants. The only resolution I thought would be a good idea to try is to surrender to motherhood. I know that phrase sounds a little cheesy. Blame Oprah. The thought behind it is less ridiculous. Basically I want to stop worrying about the fact that there are always dishes in the sink and my living room looks like someone tried to rob us but couldn't find anything of value amidst all the Fisher Price paraphernalia. Stop thinking about the fact that I cannot be everything to everybody or even everything to myself at this point. My child will grow and he will grow fast. I'm trying to soak up this time when Tyson still thinks I'm the coolest thing ever. I realize soon enough he will be complaining about my presence and making me drop him off a block before the school. I'm really trying to enjoy it.
(Irony of Ironies, one of the things on my 2010 to do list is to become more organized. My house is still a mess and I'm on my computer while Tyson is watching Elmo. Maybe my Nobel prize in mothering will have to wait until 2011).

Mwah! Kisses to everyone:)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A South Dakota Christmas...

We were lucky enough to make it to South Dakota right as the blizzard began. It basically stormed the entire time we were there but luckily, everyone seems to have a 4 wheel drive truck so getting everyone together on Christmas was still an option. Also, I'm pretty sure that getting Tyson into a vehicle like that has been the highlight of his life thus far. He just kept saying "big truck, whoa" over and over and over. Unfortunately, whenever he says 'big truck' it definitely sounds like a much naughtier phrase (nope, not that one...use your imagination) so I have to keep repeating it after him so people know he's not a delinquent (yet) who hears phrases like that on a daily basis (me, swear? Hell no...). Thus a conversation like this was born:
Tyson: "big truck, whoa" (okay, so if you haven't heard him say this phrase and your imagination just isn't filling it in, he says "big cock" clear as a bell...everytime he see's any big vehicle).
Me: Yes honey, this is a big truck.
Tyson: (louder) big cock whoa!
Me: yep, we are in a big truck, whoa!
and on and on and on...
Anyway, once we all were together with the Gjefle side of the family it was awesome to see everyone and to see the little kids all playing together. Tyler is just a few days older than Tyson and his older brother Jacob just turned three. Newborn Thomas just cuddled with anyone that was willing. The older boys literally just ran laps around the house, it was fantastic.
And of course we tried to get a family picture (because we haven't had one taken since last year) and it seems only the toddler could figure out which camera to look at. Perhaps he's had a few pictures taken of him in his lifetime.
And then the coolest thing happened...Santa and Mrs. Clause showed up! Tyson wasn't too sure about them so he just kept his distance and repeated "ho ho ho" a few times just to check this guys credibility.
And (not so) surprisingly we were not able to get all the little kids to sit still enough to take a picture...
there were far too many toys to play with.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

not a videographer...not a good one anyway

Hi All! Thanks to the phone calls and emails I do realize it's been forever since I updated. What can I say, Christmas is a crazy time of year. Between traveling to the far away lands of Minnesota and South Dakota and my urge to completely purge all of the useless stuff from my house (anyone need a fondue pot?), and oh yeah that crazy toddler that needs to be tended to every now and then, I'm a little behind. So here I am going back to the weeks leading up to the holidays in hopes to catch up a little. This video is about a little ditty that was sung (and I use that term loosely) during the Christmas program at Tyson's daycare. You may or may not notice that he is the guy in the back left (your left) bopping to the beat every now and then. I might have been bummed that he was shoved in the way back until I realized how gussied up all the other toddlers were and decided that keeping Tyson and his "i wore this all day can't you tell by my paint/food stains" outfit (I'm new to this crap, how was I to know to break out his Sunday best?) less visible was the best idea. Enjoy.

Hopefully more updates to come soon...