Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A South Dakota Christmas...

We were lucky enough to make it to South Dakota right as the blizzard began. It basically stormed the entire time we were there but luckily, everyone seems to have a 4 wheel drive truck so getting everyone together on Christmas was still an option. Also, I'm pretty sure that getting Tyson into a vehicle like that has been the highlight of his life thus far. He just kept saying "big truck, whoa" over and over and over. Unfortunately, whenever he says 'big truck' it definitely sounds like a much naughtier phrase (nope, not that one...use your imagination) so I have to keep repeating it after him so people know he's not a delinquent (yet) who hears phrases like that on a daily basis (me, swear? Hell no...). Thus a conversation like this was born:
Tyson: "big truck, whoa" (okay, so if you haven't heard him say this phrase and your imagination just isn't filling it in, he says "big cock" clear as a bell...everytime he see's any big vehicle).
Me: Yes honey, this is a big truck.
Tyson: (louder) big cock whoa!
Me: yep, we are in a big truck, whoa!
and on and on and on...
Anyway, once we all were together with the Gjefle side of the family it was awesome to see everyone and to see the little kids all playing together. Tyler is just a few days older than Tyson and his older brother Jacob just turned three. Newborn Thomas just cuddled with anyone that was willing. The older boys literally just ran laps around the house, it was fantastic.
And of course we tried to get a family picture (because we haven't had one taken since last year) and it seems only the toddler could figure out which camera to look at. Perhaps he's had a few pictures taken of him in his lifetime.
And then the coolest thing happened...Santa and Mrs. Clause showed up! Tyson wasn't too sure about them so he just kept his distance and repeated "ho ho ho" a few times just to check this guys credibility.
And (not so) surprisingly we were not able to get all the little kids to sit still enough to take a picture...
there were far too many toys to play with.

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