Sunday, January 10, 2010

not a videographer...not a good one anyway

Hi All! Thanks to the phone calls and emails I do realize it's been forever since I updated. What can I say, Christmas is a crazy time of year. Between traveling to the far away lands of Minnesota and South Dakota and my urge to completely purge all of the useless stuff from my house (anyone need a fondue pot?), and oh yeah that crazy toddler that needs to be tended to every now and then, I'm a little behind. So here I am going back to the weeks leading up to the holidays in hopes to catch up a little. This video is about a little ditty that was sung (and I use that term loosely) during the Christmas program at Tyson's daycare. You may or may not notice that he is the guy in the back left (your left) bopping to the beat every now and then. I might have been bummed that he was shoved in the way back until I realized how gussied up all the other toddlers were and decided that keeping Tyson and his "i wore this all day can't you tell by my paint/food stains" outfit (I'm new to this crap, how was I to know to break out his Sunday best?) less visible was the best idea. Enjoy.

Hopefully more updates to come soon...

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