Monday, August 23, 2010

Dance dance revolution

Although this post will be short as I am recovering from Strep Throat (seriously, who gets strep throat as an the summer???), I think you will still enjoy it. I caught Tyson dancing to some sesame street tunes and was able to capture a small bit of it on film. This kid has one heckuva booty dance....obviously learned from his father.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's a nice day in Stepford

And the worst blogger ever award goes to...

Sorry guys. I just haven't been able to get my act together enough to update frequently. I blame this on 2 reasons.
1. I am a suburban mom who drives a minivan and finds joy in organizing my pantry with all kinds of little bins. The ones that I used to see in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens and shake my head thanking the Gods that I had more interesting things going on my life than that poor lady. I have unintentionally morphed into that lady. Basically, my life, while enjoyable to me, probably doesn't inspire anyone to sit and read about my new recipe for sweet potato muffins (which, P.S., is phenomenal).
I recently stumbled upon this discovery when Jason and I were talking about how some people change drastically when they meet a significant other. We both agreed that he hadn't really changed at all (other than always putting the toilet seat down-can I getta woot woot?!). Then I thought about myself and the fact that I now love cooking and cleaning and organizing and sewing and scrapbooking and...basically everything I used to find painfully boring. My Banana Republic card has suddenly been replaced by Jo-Ann's fabric coupons. I have been trained ladies and gentleman....and didn't even realize it was happening.

2. The other reason why I have been unable to get to my computer is what I call a pre-nesting phenomenon. I am NOT pregnant. However, the second we started talking (just talking!) about having another child I broke into a cold sweat and began running around trying to get caught up with all my little projects before we even consider trying. Suddenly I have found myself simultaneously trying to refinish an ugly end table, sell our very un-kid friendly light yellow living room furniture, and get caught up with 5+ years of pictures to organize/put in albums. I know that someday (which is NOT today-got that grandma's?) when I do find myself knocked up, I will once again suffer from what Jason and I have collectively termed, "pregnancy induced narcolepsy," which means I cannot sit down without immediately slumping over into a deep sleep. I know that these projects will remain unfinished. And they'll bug me.

The moral of this story is to beg you to bear with me through this anxiety ridden frenzy. I promise to come out of it soon....just as soon as I finish those muffins.