Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa, what big eyes you have!

Because we weren't busy or stressed out enough over the holidays, we decided to make an appearance at Tyson's daycare festival the week before Christmas. Even though it's a great fundraiser and super fun for the kids, we probably would've skipped the whole thing if it wasn't for a little boy's excitement over a cameo appearance by Santa himself. At first Tyson was kind of scared to sit on Santa's lap but Jason, myself and the elf photographer that quietly claimed to be the wife of St Nick (Santa is a polygamist I guess) convinced Tyson that is was a perfectly safe place to be.
...and a week later we were presented with this picture.

I have titled this photo 'heebeejeebees' because that's what this crazy eyed Santa has given me.
Luckily we had Nolan with us. He immediately engaged in a staring contest which seemed to keep Mr. McCreepy in line.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well hello my name is Tyson...and I love to do drawrings...

For most of his life, Tyson has gone to daycare two days a week. The teachers at this place have had Tyson painting/drawing since he was an infant so every week I have a new pile of stuff to go through. Usually it's just a bunch of scribbles but recently, his drawings have started to take the shape of things that can sometimes be identified. Last week I stumbled upon these...
Me: "um, Jason what do you think this is? Is this a...oh my god is this a girl in a bikini?...or a naked girl? Next to a giant tentacle-less jelly fish?"
Jason: "Really hon? Do you think perhaps you're overreacting a little bit?" (looks at the drawing) "...huh."

Me: "No you're right, I'm probably exaggerating. On to the next one."