Monday, December 21, 2009

Still here...

Hello readers (all 4 of you)...I just wanted to throw it out there that we are alive and well but suffering from the typical holiday exhaustion. We have basically been traveling out of state every two weeks and that has left me unable to keep up with anything. Honestly, I had to decide that my Christmas cards were going to become New Years Cards....or President's day cards. I'll play it by ear.
On to South Dakota for Christmas!

After we return I promise to return to my over-photographing /stupid story/bragging about my child self. Happy Holidays everyone.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

1 1/2 year old fun...

Sometimes fun can be as simple as climbing onto kid sized stuff while visiting with family (the fun of which is apparently amplified by only wearing your diaper and a pair of socks)...
or climbing onto adult sized stuff and sitting at the table like a big boy. Add some cheerios and a grandma and grandpa and it's downright delightful.
Sometimes fun is hanging out with daddy and watching the game (while my chair is rediculously close to the television).
And sometimes it's diving into drawers and taking everything out that his little 18 month old body can lift or throw.
whatever toots your horn little buddy.