Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dos ninos

Tyson was born with a personality that I can only describe as high maintenance. Never content, never sleeping, always pissed about his babyhood and his inability to do more things. So when we discovered there was another little nugget on the way, Jason and I braced ourselves. So far Nolan has been much easier than his brother. So much easier that I fooled myself into thinking I could totally take two kids while running errands without any trouble. I was all, "two kids at the post office with 4839234 christmas packages to mail? Of course! What could possibly go wrong?" (Now, I realize that you folks with more than children than I are thinking, "really lady? This you couldn't handle?" I've decided you ladies are either super awesome or you must be drunk all the time).
Off to the post office I went. I was able to juggle toddler+ baby in carseat + said packages + diaper bag etc. ok. Waiting in line with approx 72 other people mailing christmas packages and the boys started to rev up. Tyson became super hyper when he realized he had an entire audience of people who didn't have the choice to run away. Nolan realized he was still in his car seat and decided he hated his car seat and ohmygodmomgetmeoutofthisthingorimightdieohmygodmom!!!
Finally we make it to the automated mailing center (which I thought would be easier/quicker...ha) and I was trying to rock Nolan's car seat with one foot while he continued scream while trying to weigh/address/purchase posting while realizing I left my pen in the car and Tyson is so intrigued with the keypad on the mailing center he can't stop pushing buttons for the zip code so our Christmas presents could easily end up in Zimbabwe.
I had a realization that this is totally my new normal and I suddenly started to giggle. Pretty quickly the looks from the other patrons changed from pity/annoyance to 'oh wow, this is what a nervous breakdown looks like.'
That's the beauty of the second child. As crazy as it can be, you realize that everything is temporary. The screaming stage I can't wait to see gone will turn into the cuddling stage I miss tomorrow. I'm sure at their high school graduations I will be dying to have my babies back. So what other choice to I have besides strapping myself in for the wild ride that is parenthood and hoping those kids in Zimbabwe enjoy the presents.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Karma Chameleon

I've just realized that Steve Jobs didn't actually die.

He was reincarnated.