Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My Grandma died. She was 98 years old and amazing. I have a feeling I will want to write more about her later but for now, we are heading to northern Minnesota for a few days so spend time with the family.

Monday, March 21, 2011


One day Tyson and his three year old friend Owen were sitting at the table eating what I'm sure was an extremely nutritious snack while I was sorting through some old photos. This is the conversation that took place...verbatim...

Owen- "Who's that baby in the picture?"
Me-"That's Tyson"
Owen- "Awww Tyson you used to be a baby?"
Tyson- (deadpan) "Yeah...I was scared."
Owen- "oh, did you cry a lot?"
Tyson- "yep."

So apparently the reason why Tyson was such a screamer was because he was every bit as scared of my parenting abilities as he probably should have been. Smart kid.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Big N' Mighty Machines

I won't lie...I have totally sucked it up as a blogger lately. There are of course many excuses as to why I haven't been writing (most of which sound too lame to even post). So instead of completely boring you with these sad explanations, I will just continue onto today's post.

So as we approach age 3 (in 3 short months...aaack!), I am loving a lot of it (and hating a tad too...damn these kids and their free wills). Tyson is a riot but also, his attention span has expanded to slightly longer than that of a gnat (and in turn, slightly longer than mine). This makes my life infinitely easier. Of course, I could totally turn this into something productive (like teaching him a new language...or algebra...or perhaps how to get both his underwear AND his pants up over his butt and not just one or the other) but instead I have chosen to hypnotize him with the greatest show a toddler boy has ever known...

"Mighty Machines!"
To you or I this might seem like the most boring thing next to Thomas the Train (who writes that show anyway? Ben Stein?) but to these boys...
it's heaven. I love it too...cuz who wouldn't love the opportunity to get something done (like cook an extremely nutritious dinner...or slam a beer...your choice).