Monday, March 14, 2011

Big N' Mighty Machines

I won't lie...I have totally sucked it up as a blogger lately. There are of course many excuses as to why I haven't been writing (most of which sound too lame to even post). So instead of completely boring you with these sad explanations, I will just continue onto today's post.

So as we approach age 3 (in 3 short months...aaack!), I am loving a lot of it (and hating a tad too...damn these kids and their free wills). Tyson is a riot but also, his attention span has expanded to slightly longer than that of a gnat (and in turn, slightly longer than mine). This makes my life infinitely easier. Of course, I could totally turn this into something productive (like teaching him a new language...or algebra...or perhaps how to get both his underwear AND his pants up over his butt and not just one or the other) but instead I have chosen to hypnotize him with the greatest show a toddler boy has ever known...

"Mighty Machines!"
To you or I this might seem like the most boring thing next to Thomas the Train (who writes that show anyway? Ben Stein?) but to these boys...
it's heaven. I love it too...cuz who wouldn't love the opportunity to get something done (like cook an extremely nutritious dinner...or slam a beer...your choice).

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