Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No resolutions...

Well even though New Years has come and gone, I figured I'd tackle to topic of resolutions. Since I'm pretty far behind time wise, I thought it would still be appropriate. Ironically, my list does not include procrastinating less. Maybe next year.
Typically I don't like resolutions. I think it's like opening a big door to let Disappointment and her friend Failure dance right on in. And kick you in the shins. Bitches.
I'm much more of a list maker so I usually make a yearly to-do list of the big accomplishments I want to make. And when I say big accomplishments it's usually referring to cleaning the basement or hemming my jeans. World peace will be a lot easier to tackle if I'm not tripping all over my pants. The only resolution I thought would be a good idea to try is to surrender to motherhood. I know that phrase sounds a little cheesy. Blame Oprah. The thought behind it is less ridiculous. Basically I want to stop worrying about the fact that there are always dishes in the sink and my living room looks like someone tried to rob us but couldn't find anything of value amidst all the Fisher Price paraphernalia. Stop thinking about the fact that I cannot be everything to everybody or even everything to myself at this point. My child will grow and he will grow fast. I'm trying to soak up this time when Tyson still thinks I'm the coolest thing ever. I realize soon enough he will be complaining about my presence and making me drop him off a block before the school. I'm really trying to enjoy it.
(Irony of Ironies, one of the things on my 2010 to do list is to become more organized. My house is still a mess and I'm on my computer while Tyson is watching Elmo. Maybe my Nobel prize in mothering will have to wait until 2011).

Mwah! Kisses to everyone:)


Jo said...

The big question on my mind after reading your newest post, "Since when do you need to hem your pants? Are you buy them extra long to give yourself something to hem?"

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Exactly!! I feel the same way that I really need to just stop and realize that my girls are getting way to big...my baby turned 4 today...4!!! Yep I think it is so much harder with the second than the first because I know we are done and before we know it she will be gone!! Enjoy yourself along the way too though...that is fun too!! ;)