Wednesday, October 8, 2008

slippery when wet...

Well, as some may remember from previous posts, Tyson used to absolutely HATE his baths...although looking back, he hated a lot of things back then. In his defense he wasn't getting enough to eat so I probably would have been crabby also. Anyway, now he really enjoys the water. He's figured out that his kicking= splash=mom gets wet. It's actually hilarious to watch so I thought we would have a photo shoot today. I thought it was pretty neat the the rubber ducky is cleverly covering his bits and pieces...we didn't even do that on purpose.
I honestly was just trying to capture one of his big grins...but the instant the flash would go off he would immediately change his expressions...which made for some interesting pictures.

who me???

wimpy smile...

It seems we've graduated from just bathing for hygiene and now it's a fun activity. I am grateful as I quickly run out of things to keep this little man occupied...and happy.

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