Wednesday, March 25, 2009

girls weekend...

So last weekend I met my 3 sisters and mom in Minneapolis for our annual girls weekend. I dutifully brought my camera so I could show off the latest images of Tyson but forgot to take any pictures of I added this picture of him waving goodbye to mommy. 
Okay, so he was not really waving goodbye. He was probably getting ready to lunge in my direction so he could use me for added support. He does very well walking behind his little scooter (though it's slightly wobbly), but he tends to get nervous once he realizes he isn't standing next to some kind of furniture. 
I kind of forgot how much he has developed recently until I ran into an old friend with a new babygirl. She just slept in her carseat like a great little newborn...and I spent the entire conversation baby wrangling. Tyson is a man on the move.

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Jo said...

Too slow. I want more funny pics and stories.