Wednesday, March 11, 2009

growing into it

We decided to start gearing up for summer a little early and bought Tyson a bike helmet so he would be ready when we could take our bikes out. Ordering the right size was a bit of a question mark as last months growth chart didn't even go high enough for his big noodle. Luckily it fit.
Though getting him to keep it on will be another challenge I'm sure.

On another note, we recently had our 9 month check-up (which is complete craziness to me) and things went well. Tyson is now in the 75% for height and weight and 95% for his head. We were ecstatic that he is back on the charts for head growth. Now we would no longer have to field the phone calls from the pediatrician telling us "not to worry, it usually just means that one or both parents also have a large head." Thanks Dr. Gianvecchio. 
His other accomplishments include a few interesting modes of mobility and beginning to (finally) try some grown up foods. He is still very tentative about trying new textures so this process will take awhile.  

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Julz said...

Ha! I think you both have "BIG" heads! LOL! :-)