Sunday, March 1, 2009

The neb.

Last week we headed back to the doctor (once again) because Tyson was just very inconsolable and wheezy and appeared to be in pain constantly. Of course, he was diagnosed with yet another ear infection (I'm starting to think that teeth = ear infections) and a case of bronchiolitis. So now in addition to the usual antibiotics wrestling match, we have to give Tyson neb treatments a few times a day. Surprisingly he does pretty well. Luckily since he is teething, he just chews on the end the whole time. 
Though it doesn't look very happy in this picture, he's actually been so much fun lately. Turns out that when he's not suffering from searing ear pain, he's a hoot. Crawling all over (I use that term loosely. I'm actually not sure what I would call his mode of transportation as he looks like he's trying to do the worm) and becoming super verbal. I wake up every morning to him 'talking' to himself. It's hilarious. 

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The Beglins said...

YAY! He's getting into a very fun age. I love when they babble.