Thursday, April 2, 2009

Float like a butterfly...

In the heavyweight category we have T.R. Haak. Weighing in at a whopping 22+ pounds and over 2 and a half feet tall. He can mangle glasses singlehandedly and has jaws of steel. 
Don't let his innocent face fool you...he's actually quite ferocious. 
Okay, maybe ferocious isn't the right word...but it was hard to deny the fact that he looked like a tiny boxer when we put his robe on...also hard to deny the fact that he has outgrown it. I actually had a better picture of him grinning from ear to ear but couldn't bring myself to publish a picture that showed off his meat and potatoes so candidly. I know he will already hate me for this blog in about 16 years (maybe sooner) so for the record, I do have some editing skills. 

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