Thursday, April 16, 2009

mealtime fun...AKA-The battle of the Wills.

So here Tyson sits looking quite happy and adorable....probably because Who knew that the kid who never seems to get full is a picky eater? So far he will eat any kind of bread product...and not much else. Introducing a new food leads to one of two endings. 1. Tyson stares at the food on his tray then back at you, then back at this clearly odious thing and so on and so forth. 2. He actually picks up said offensive food and puts it in his mouth only to immediately spit it out. 
We have tried many things and are open to new suggestions. A friend gave us the tip that her son loved bananas if he take his own bites rather than having it cut up. Good in theory (he can take bites of a cracker...why not a banana?) but really it just led to a very squished banana and a very messy baby.  

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