Thursday, April 9, 2009 that a word?

So one thing I have learned since having a baby is that just about anything can be used for entertainment. If this entertainment lasts longer than 2 minutes, it's considered a success. 
One day (every day) I was in desperate need of getting some basic kitchen upkeep done but this usually poses a problem. There isn't a whole lot for a 10 month old to do in the kitchen and leaving him unattended in a different room would inevitably lead to a frantic call to poison control asking what would happen to a baby who ingested the ink of 15 pens or something like that. So I pulled out every non-breakable thing I could find and let him go crazy. Turns out the basket holding various lids in all shapes and sizes is fascinating. 
Then there's the longer just for sucking on my friend! As with any new parent, we acquired many different shapes and brands etc of pacifiers. Tyson really only takes a very specific kind of nuk (Soothies) but now the rest have turned into great teething toys I guess.
Switching back and forth, trying this one and that...also great sources of entertainment. It's pretty fun to watch him attempt to cram as many as he can into his little fists to carry around.
Is this not the look of a future ladies man?

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