Sunday, April 12, 2009

Laundry can be fun...

So the laundry basket is next on our list of fun things to play with around the house. It is the perfect height for Tyson to climb on and cruise around. It wasted an exorbitant amount of time...however, it did bridge the gap between things he wasn't able to reach before so it could lead to trouble.  
It was a great time waster and was pretty entertaining for me as well. Obviously the basket isn't very heavy so everytime it would slide he would have to catch up. He spent the morning resembling an old man and his walker. 

Can't go over it...
Gotta go around it. 

I am a little nervous as he is in the beginning stages of the climbing phase. I am quickly realizing how much more baby proofing needs to happen as he is only at about half capacity with his climbing/motor skills and already finding mischief. 

*Disclaimer: I promise I do occasionally put pants on my baby. However, with his, ahem, unique crawling style he often gets caught and leaves them behind. I swear that I do dress him appropriately for outings....most of the time anyway.  

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