Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what's with the old lady?

So last weekend I was in my friend Katie's wedding and it was a blast. I have very few pictures from the weekend as it was a whirlwind but I do have pictures from her bachelorette party that was also fun. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago in Wisconsin Dells. Of course we had to start the night out dressing up like floozies and having our picture taken. 
Then we changed into our shirts so artfully crafted by Katie's sister Erin and played some games (which were not very PG so I will refrain from posting). I will include two words as a hint...Lorena Bobbit.  
Katie was an excellent sport about everything. 
Then we headed out for a  night on the town. I was truly looking forward to a weekend where I could really let my hair down. I very quickly realized how much my life had changed. Suddenly I went from being the girl they had to drag off the dance floor to the one who was throwing around phrases like "it's so loud in here I can't have a conversation!" or "the music in my day was so much easier to dance to." I even chose function over fashion when I left my heels at home and opted for a pair of jeans and comfy sandals. All in all it was a great time with the girls but I found that I am just as happy in sweatpants watching Law and Order reruns. Oy.

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nsmorinville said...

Oh how I love to hear other people my age feel the same way as me:) We just had our reunion and that is exactly how I felt cuz some of the others didn't have kids and still lvoe to party!!