Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obligatory pictures.

So of course I had to post some pictures of my little one eating cake for the first time. Since our families live so far away, we really didn't do much for his birthday but we did of course let him tear into some presents and then tear into a cupcake. 
At first he honestly wanted nothing to do with the cupcake but once I got some frosting on his lips, it was game on. He began shoveling it in so fast, I became mildly concerned that he was forgetting to breathe in all his excitement. 
I did not clean his tray for this picture, he literally licked the darn thing clean. 
Since he really didn't make too big of a mess (because he wasn't willing to waste any yumminess) Jason decided to pitch in. In case anyone was wondering, frosting makes a great hair product for fauxhawks. 

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