Thursday, December 11, 2008

ladies man

Hi, my name is Tyson Haak. I am a 6 month old WM who has become quite a catch. I now weigh in at a husky 19 pounds 2 ounces and am 28 inches long.
I have got some mad skills that include sitting up all by myself, pounding entire jars of baby food and still remaining hungry and of course finding my pacifier in my crib and being able to put it back in my own mouth (my mom seems very excited about this one).
I also enjoy kickin' it with my parents...they are pretty cool (even though I would never tell them that to their faces).  
I can be a bit mysterious as times...
and enjoy working out.
I love water...and as soon as I'm able to walk I'm sure I will enjoy long walks along the beach.
I am a lover of the animals...especially the ones that sit still and are made of plastic (nice and chewy).
I am also wonderful at serenading the ladies...though I often have a hard time with people understanding my style of music (shrieks). 

Yes ladies, this all comes in one pretty package. 

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Kari Kackman said...

oh dear lord...if only Kendall was a few years younger :) lol