Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tyson's first Christmas...

So Tyson's first Christmas went a little like this. I had to work a day shift (both Eve and Day) so on Christmas Eve after returning home from work we decided to have the little guy open one of his presents (basically because we were so excited...he of course couldn't have cared less). It started out great. He was so excited at first...
..and then we started  the opening process. With every rip of the wrapping paper he would scream like he was being brutally hurt! We suspected that he was tired and decided to try again the next day. 
However, the screaming that we had chalked up to being overtired occurred again on Christmas day. It took a lot of cuddling and many versus of "six little ducks" to get him to settle down. I guess next year we will just put everything in gift bags. What kind of kid hates opening presents?
In the end when the presents were all opened and readily available to play with, he was fine. The two outfits are from Grandma Marilyn and not pictured was a fantastic John Deere toy that Tyson will have to grow into. We bought him the activity table in hopes of occupying him for 15 extra minutes throughout the day. 
For those of you I don't keep in daily contact with (which is most of the people reading the blog I suppose), you probably don't know that I joined the bell choir at church. I was very excited at first since I haven't had any real music type stuff to be involved in since accompanying music majors at college for their recitals in hopes of earning a few extra bucks. However, I was horrified to realize that after just two weeks of practice (which equals two hours), I had to perform....eeek. It turned out okay...not my most shining moment but I plucked through. This picture is the choir performing a particularly difficult number sans me (thank goodness they gave me a little break). 
And this is the super uniform I have to wear while playing. I know many of you are wondering where you could purchase such an attractive red felt vest....well I am sorry to tell you that this is only for the few, the proud...the bell choir. 
All in all it wasn't a bad Christmas. Of course we would have loved to be spending it with family but life as a nurse requires working really cruddy hours sometimes. The worst part was getting Tyson back to his schedule after keeping him up late for church on Christmas eve. He is definitely a kid that does not tolerate change very easily. 

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