Monday, December 1, 2008

He's finally baptized!

Well, we finally had Tyson baptized. We decided to wait for a time when relatives could make the long trip out if they wanted. The weekend went a little like this. I worked on Thanksgiving Day, we had our own Thanksgiving celebration on Friday with both sides of the family and then the baptism took place during the Saturday eve. service. The one problem I ran into was the fact that all of the cute little outfits I found were shorts!  Doesn't anyone get baptized in the winter? We solved that problem with some tights...I don't know how happy Jason was with his son in tights but he looked darn cute.
The close-up.
I think Tyson looked pretty sharp in his little outfit, tights and all...I'm pretty sure he thought so too. During the service we were all worried about his behavior since it was taking place at Tyson's bedtime (therefore fussy time) but he was a ham. He charmed the minister with a big grin as the water was being poured on his head and then as he was held up to meet the congregation, he smiled even bigger because everyone was clapping. I'm hoping this does not mean he will want a career in show business.  
We had a rare opportunity to get pictures with both Grandma's (my mom Becky on left, Jason's mom Marilyn on right).
We wanted to get a family picture of Tyson in his Sunday best but this was the best we could get under the stress of getting so many people (especially the little kids) ready for church in time...and because it was already Tyson's fussy time.
I think this is how everyone felt after the weekend. We are exhausted...but it was so great to see everyone, it was well worth it. 

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The Beglins said...

LOVE the vest! SO CUTE!