Monday, November 24, 2008

boys will be boys...

So because I am lucky enough to only work part time, Tyson here goes to daycare about 2 days a week or stays home with Jason when I am working a weekend. Now the nice people at daycare give me a written report of how the day went but I often wonder what goes on during those boys only weekends. Apparently Jason takes just as many pictures as I do because these are all from him. I don't discourage it because it can be a nice journal of the days events. I don't know what Jason is doing to make Tyson smile so big but honestly I'm distracted by his giant, still bald head. 
They must have played a rousing game of peek-a-boo.

and perhaps a game of dress-up (Jason mistakenly put on a 3-6 month sleeper and couldn't even button it. We've been out of that size for quite sometime. I guess I didn't clean his drawers out very well). 
With a photo shoot to end the day.
I think he's practicing poses for his senior portraits.

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Julz said...

Jax---Could he look anymore like you? Especially in the last pics where he is "posing for senior pics." Wow!!! Take out some of your baby pics and compare. Spittin' image!!! What a doll!!!