Thursday, November 13, 2008

the random faces of Tyson...

Tyson's shy face.
Tyson's mad but compliant face. We get this look everytime he gets put in his carseat....after the initial wrangling is complete.
I can't even explain this one...Tyson's thinking face???
Tyson's scared face.
To give this picture a little background...we were once again amazed at how quickly he grows out of things (I know it's no surprise to other parents but we're new so give us a break). Anyway, this onesie looked like a muscle tee so Jason decided to make Tyson show his muscles. As you can see, it didn't really work. Instead of looking tough, he just looks like someone is trying to mug him.


Julz said...

I LOVE THIS! He just keeps on getting cuter and cuter!!! I wish you lived closer. I just want to smother that guy with kisses. Thanks for keeping your blog updated so we can see all these wonderful sides of Tyson! :)

Julz said...

Tyson's thinking face could even be Tyson's Popeye face. Just stick a pipe in there! He is just too cute!!!