Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fun in Wisconsin

a couple of weeks ago we were invited to my friend Dawn's house for her annual "swear jar party." It all started when Dawn decided she was going to clean up her language so she made herself (and others around her) pay a fine for cursing. That led to having enough funds to throw a large get together that was a blast...so she decided to make it an annual event. At the beginning of the night, Tyson was looking kind of worn out. 
so we gave him some Mt. Dew to pep him up...like any good parents would.
After that he became the life of the party...and decided it would be a good idea to ride Dawn's giant dog Daytona. I hope this is no indication of a possible wild future ahead of him.
This is Dawn's basement...which they basically renovated to look like a bar. It has a TV to watch 'the big game' on, slot machines and even a cash register (though I'm not sure why since she doesn't charge anything). 
It also comes complete with karaoke equipment...cuz what's a party without a little karaoke?
My friends (who also happen to be sisters) Katie and Erin decided they needed to be on my camera, with Dawn (the owner of the place) poking through in the background. All in all, it was a pretty good night....and I was still in bed before 10pm. 

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