Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Swedish chef...kind of.

One of the things I asked for for Christmas was an apron (don't judge). Anyway, my sister Jenny had the great idea of personalizing it with a picture of Tyson in a chef's hat. I come from a long line of Norwegians (was there any question with a maiden name of Svaren?) so Jenny found a very appropriate hat. Here are a few of my attempts at getting a good picture.
I still haven't figured out why he makes this face from time to time.
This photo shoot reminded me of the "Swedish Chef" from the muppets. 
The hat was just a little too big:)
What the...???
That's better!

Honestly, I always worry when a lot of other people are around because he has the potential to be a little difficult but I think he thrives with a crowd. He was super fun all weekend and slept pretty good. We have since had some issues with nighttime sleeping since everyone has gone home but I'm hoping it's only temporary because of the teething situation. It seems that he's starting to learn to nap (kind of) but then wakes up more at it too much to ask for a child who sleeps both at night and naps during the day? All in all I really can't complain too much. He's a pretty fun guy. 


tara said...

super cute!

The Beglins said...

i love that kid. he makes excellent faces.