Thursday, August 14, 2008

rub a dub dub there's a baby in the tub!

While at my parents house in MN, we decided it was easiest to give Tyson his bath in the kitchen sink. At first he was okay with the whole idea...
but then he quickly realized it was a wolf in sheeps clothing...or a bath in the sink. He's a smart cookie that Tyson.

Then at my sister's house we tried to have all three boys take a bath together...We quickly realized however that a 4 year old +two year old + infant = trouble...and possibly some injuries. Tyson got a quick dunk while the boys sat amazingly still for about 2 minutes and then they were allowed to splash around all they wanted.

I think Tyson was a little jealous of their motor skills (aka-the ability to splash each other).

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