Tuesday, August 26, 2008

His first crush...

So there we were, playing on the floor as usual. Tyson was showing off his rolling over capabilities when all activity halted. Tyson was riveted...I look up only to realize that he is completely enthralled by Oprah. It seems he is quite smitten with her. I hated to break the news that she was already taken. Anyway, I promptly turned off the television and am now being very careful to always face his playtime in the other direction. I honestly thought he would be a little older before I would have to give up my horrible TV habit....bummer.
Nice shirt Tyson...you aren't kidding:) Don't think the irony was missed at the fact that he looks like he just drank a grande macchiato from starbucks.
In all honesty, he did have a pretty good night last night and is starting to get this nap business down. It's still a struggle somedays but it's slowly getting better.


Kari Kackman said...

Yay!! It fits..and I knew it would be appropriate! :) lol
He's a dolly :)

Jackee said...

yes Kari, everything but the one shirt fits...and if Tyson keeps eating like he is, it won't be long before he's in that one too. We LOVE the presents. You did a very good job.