Friday, August 22, 2008

photo shoot...

Well, Tyson had some pictures taken at 2 months old by my very talented coworker Tracy Mueller. In addition to being a nurse, she also runs Candid Photography. I really love how these turned out and decided to post a sample...I wanted to post them all but I realize that would have been overkill.
I really love this picture because after so many problems with weight gain, he has very visibly caught up...notice the cheeks:)

Mama and baby:)

I kind of think he looks like an old man with this toothless grin and his bald, shiny head.

This is very much a typical Tyson face.

I adore this picture because you can really see the chin dimple!...thanks Grandpa Dale for passing that gene.
Tyson actually had a fairly good night last night (meaning he only woke up twice instead of 4-6 times)...largely due to the fact that this little acrobat now flips himself onto his belly and then promptly falls asleep. Apparently my little man has no interest in what the literature says about tummy sleeping....American Academy of Pediatrics be damned! I'm worried about the fact that he is this stubborn at 2 1/2 months of age...what will he be like at 2...or 16?

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nsmorinville said...

Love the pictures!! He is such a cutie and the photographer did a great job of the ones with will be happy you have those cuz you are like me and always the one taking the pictures:)