Tuesday, August 12, 2008

boys will be boys

My little trip took me all the way to Crookston, MN where my sister Jenny and brother in law Jeremy live with their two little boys, Tate and Teagen. They were very excited to play with their new little cousin...and here Grandma Becky is playing right along. Either that or making sure they don't poke Tyson too hard.
At first they were very enamored with Tyson, especially Tate-the older of the two.

Then they started to get a little bored when they realized Tyson couldn't play trucks with them...

so they decided to make him part of the game anyway. Apparently Tyson's back makes a fantastic parking lot for matchbox cars.

Tate is playing his "excited song" for us. He loves his harmonica!

Grandpa Dale and Grandma Becky attempting to wrangle 3 of their grandchildren for a picture.

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