Wednesday, August 6, 2008

oh what a day...

Jason was pretty excited we were able to bust out the UND outfit for his doctors appointment today. The funny part was that everyone saw the logo and thought it was a different school...most thought it was some obscure college in Illinois. We get very strong reactions to people once we tell them we came from North Dakota...apparently they are surprised anyone makes it out alive:)

He's singing the UND fight song I'm sure of it...because he's a genius of course.

I love the Fighting Sioux this much!!! Thanks for the outfit Tina!

Well today Tyson had his two month appointment with the pediatrician which unfortunately meant it was time for shots. He actually did pretty well...only a few tears were shed and they were all from him. I was able to surprisingly hold it together. I did however dislike the nurses technique. Instead of two nurses poking at the same time so it was done quickly, she did it three separate times! I almost took the syringe out of her hand to do it myself she was so slow...but nobody in that office knows I'm a nurse and I intend to keep it that way so I refrained. It wasn't until I got him home that he totally freaked out and became completely inconsolable. I spent much of the afternoon/evening holding him while bouncing on the exercise ball (one of the few things that calms him down). On the upside, if he keeps this up it'll be like I have my own tiny personal trainer who will whip me back into shape in a quick minute. He also is fairly tempermental on our little walk/jogs. It seems he is the most calm when I jog but gets upset when I slow to a walk. He had me doing interval training on my second day out! I'm starting to think he's some sort of evil genius...who has a winning smile and a fantastic ability to toot louder than most adults I know.


tara said...

sorry, i know i am stalking you two posts in a row. but i have to tell you, graydon had a horrible reaction to his two month shots (fever, screaming all through the night, inconsolable), but his next two rounds have been much, much better. hang in there

Julz Rulz said...

He looks absolutely adorable!!! Are people from WI in a totally different world? We'll have to take a pic of you by the Fargo sign before you leave so that you have actual proof. LOL! :-)