Wednesday, August 20, 2008

no time for siestas...

Due to Tyson's inability to sleep in general + his quick meltdown factor, I have now become one of those mom's I used to make fun of. I have read so many books on childrearing or the sleeping habits of babies my bookshelf now resembles the baby section at Barnes and Noble. I am asking perfect strangers for advice in effort to find my sanity...but so far, no luck. But, since Tyson seems to find sleep unnecessary, he's hit some developmental milestones with all the extra time spent NOT napping! I was attempting to put him down today for a nap (not sure why I still try) and of course heard the screams coming from his room. I poked my head in the door just to make sure there was no bloodshed only to find my infant tucked in the corner of his crib on his tummy! He has only rolled from tummy to back a couple of times and now it seems that if you piss him off enough, he will roll from back to tummy! Turns out he's even more stubborn and determined than I originally thought. I used to be convinced he was some sort of evil genius sent to break I think maybe he will be a ninja:)

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