Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

So remember my ranting about a terrible day at the library? There was a positive that came out of the trip...sort of. Normally, Tyson does enjoy being read to. He sits relatively still with a few attempts at gnawing on the pages. All in all it's usually a successful experience. 
The book pictured above is loaded with images of different motor vehicles. Tyson sits statue still sporting a look on his face that's usually reserved for people viewing the Mona Lisa for the first time. The problem? My status as a girl genetically denies me the ability to correctly make the car/engine noises that are written to accompany the illustrations. It's a challenge for each of the 4-5 times a day that this book gets read. Though Tyson is luckily too young to correct me or tell me that I'm doing it wrong, I refuse to read it out loud when my husband is home. I have my dignity. 

Here are some more of his favorite things. 
Standing. It's a big hit around here...keeps him occupied for a very long time (well, a very long time in the world of babies). You can almost see the wheels turning in his not-so-little head as he tries to figure out how to negotiate getting from one place to another. So far, he's got some things to learn. 
Reaching/diving for things. Naturally, Tyson is more and more curious about his surroundings and can finally explore a little bit now that he's more mobile. Since he has yet to learn that it's easy to get hurt while diving off the couch in pursuit of some delicious looking toy, he attempts these feats on a daily basis. 

Turns out he also loves tall socks. Well, maybe it's me who loves them. I found out that if the socks go up to or above his knees, it's darn near impossible to kick them off. Maybe he will grow up to be a baseball player...or a roller skate/disco dancer. Either way, I will be there to support and embarrass him as any good mother would do. 

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