Thursday, February 12, 2009

disclaimers and frozen berries...

So I got this great tip from my friend Maradee (another mom/nurse that I work with). She felt my pain in dealing with a teething child and told me about these little mesh bags with a handle on them. You can put anything inside but throwing a few frozen blueberries makes for one tasty, frozen treat that hopefully feels good on his poor, swollen gums. Also, it keeps him occupied for at least 10-15 minutes...what more can a girl ask for? 
Okay, so it can get a little messy at times but life with a baby is nothing if not messy! 

All in all, it was a hit. If only I could get him to gnaw on frozen green beans with such vigor. 

So the little man is now 8 months old and we are so happy to see month 7 in our rearview mirrors. Between croup, ear infections,  teething and developmental frustrations it was a tough month (as many of you are well aware from my rant a few postings ago). I want to point out that I love being a mommy and feel so lucky that I can work part time to stay home with him more. I just had some really tough days at the end of a really tough month. So far month 8 is already going much much better. Hopefully it continues:)

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