Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Iraq pics...

So as one final homage to my military career, I thought I would put some pictures up from my deployment...in celebration that I will never have to go back. At least I won't ever have to go back as a soldier. I guess I could go back someday on vacation but they would have to build on helluva great amusement park to lure me. The top picture is me in front of one of Uday's (Saddam's son) 'pleasure palaces.' Basically it used to be a brothel. 
The picture that caused so much controversy in my little town. PS- I AM honored to have served my country...but a girls gotta have a sense of humor. 
On another convoy in Baghdad...and my weapon is perhaps aimed right at the photographer. Always at the ready!

I had someone take this picture because I was so darn excited to have something so yummy to eat. Thanks mom and dad for sending that great meal. You have no idea how much I enjoyed it. 
My living quarters...a tent...that I shared with 5 men. This is why I don't camp anymore. 
Saddam's throne. 
Is it just me or is that camel smiling?

my teammates/roommates.
What it looked like during a sandstorm. There is nothing wrong with the camera. It was really that orange outside. 

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