Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So as with most parents (I'm assuming I guess), we were having trouble finding proper footwear for Sir Tyson. Between all of the crazy kicking/scooting/flailing and of course the difficulties of getting things to fit around his fat little ankles, we were having troubles. Normally, I would not worry since he's not running barefoot anywhere but it's cold outside these days. Luckily, I remembered that we had gotten these cowboy boots from Jason's brother Darel and his girlfriend Cassie. Turns out they are darn near impossible for the little guy to finagle them off...yipee! So now Tyson wears cowboy boots with everything...and he's becoming quite the local celebrity since people constantly notice and comment on them. At church last weekend, many many people (or at least all of the other parents hanging out in the entry after failed baby wrangling attempts) asked where we got them. So uncle Darel, you would be proud of the little cowboy you are creating. 
PS-he's too chubby to fit into the wranglers...maybe he will slim down once he starts walking.

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