Sunday, January 4, 2009

graduation...'s official. Tyson has outgrown his infant carseat. Jason and I had a super fun time with the installation of this beast (sarcasm noted). Since we didn't want to have to fork over any more cash than necessary, we bought this behemoth that's good up to 50 pounds. The downside is that it now takes up so much room in my backseat, I can barely fit groceries in there. If anyone wants to carpool, they may have to use the seat themselves. It's a good thing the straps are adjustable. 
Not using his infant seat also means not using his cozy carseat cover which was super handy in the midwest winter. I thought I was planning ahead and bought this nice, fleece "snowsuit" so he could remain toasty during errand running and such. However, I grossly underestimated his size. It's a 12-18month but it doesn't even snap under his crotch which leads me to assume that it's not as warm as I was hoping. 
I believe the main problem is that kids who are his size are usually walking and have slimmed down a bit but since he's only 7 months old and pretty sedentary, remains really rotund. I have to wonder if some of this stuff will fit him again once he starts moving more and slims down a bit...I guess I shouldn't count on it. At least I got a couple of pictures in his fuzzy bear suit before packing it away with  the rest of his too small clothes. 

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nsmorinville said...

I think we have the same carseat, just an older version. I agree it is big but definately worth the hugeness to have the adjustable straps for every different coat they wear! He is such a cutie!!!