Sunday, January 18, 2009

boys weekend...

It was my weekend to work so the boys were home all by themselves. I think they had a grand ol' time. I'm sure Tyson is now more educated in the ways of ESPN than I could ever hope to be. They obviously spent some time cuddling...
...and playing with all of his favorite toys. It appears as though Jason still doesn't trust Tyson's ability to stay upright even though he's been pretty stable for over a month now.  
PS-I wonder how Jason got Tyson to drop everything and pose so well??? 
Of course we can't forget about meal times...this is the look we get when we try to feed Tyson something he doesn't want (aka-anything not orange). 
And they ended the weekend with a rhythm lesson (thanks for the maraca Lubinski's-he LOVES it). 
Note the orange hue that is started to emanate from my little nugget....specifically on and/or around his nose. If this orange food phase lasts too much longer I'm afraid we might have to purchase some white overalls so he can be dressed like the rest of the oompa loompas. 

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