Thursday, September 11, 2008

who needs a pacifier?

This particular photo shoot started out very uneventfully...though I am now starting to realize how much more round his little head is getting:)
Grandma Marilyn found some of Jason's old baby stuff so I thought I would get a picture of Tyson in one of Jason's old sleepers before he grew out of it.

Then this wierd face started to emerge...and I was confused.

So I dove in for a close-up so I could investigate and realized that Tyson had found his tongue and was sucking on it...vigorously. It's his new favorite pass time. On the upside, it's no longer quite as big of tragedy if we lose his pacifier...on the downside, he is now constantly making this face.

I wonder what the orthodondists say about tongue sucking?


Jo said...

Oh, these photos really made me laugh. Thanks.

Deb said...

Allison does the same thing, All though I think she has outgrown it as I have not seen her do it for some time now!!